Luxury Condos in Charleston SC
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This website is designed to assist with finding the location of luxury condos in Charleston, South Carolina and the Charleston area. For more detailed information on condos and living in Charleston, please visit  and for more condo details visit

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Luxury condominiums come in different sizes and different price ranges. What is luxury to one is not necessarily luxury to another. Location alone can affect the price, making a rather ordinary home quite expensive. These condos are sorted alphabetically and by location, not by their amenities or luxurious buildings. To learn more about the varying standards, please visit for more specific information, or e-mail to ask for details.

Ashley House
14 Lockwood
Charleston SC 29401

The Bristol
3000 Old Bridgeview Lane
Charleston, SC 29403

The Baker House
55 Ashley Avenue
Charleston, SC 29401

Bee Street Lofts
150 Bee Street
(corner of Lockwood)
Charleston, SC 29401

33 Calhoun Street
Charleston SC 29401

3 Chisolm Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Concord & Cumberland
Concord Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Crafts House
67 Legare Street
Charleston, SC 29403

330 Concord Street
Charleston, SC 29401

East Bay & Elliott Street
Charleston, SC 29401

21 George Street
Charleston SC 29401

Factor's Walk
8 Prioleau Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Laurens Place
2 Wharfside
Charleston, SC 29401

People's Bank
18 Broad Street Condominiums
Charleston, SC 29401

Sumter House
1 King Street
Charleston, SC 29401

One Vendue Range
Vendue Range Condominiums
include properties on Prioleau Street
as well as Vendue Range.

160 East Bay Street
Charleston SC 29401

More information is also available on ClassicCharlestonCondos. com

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